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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Nicholas Ghesquire at Louis Vuitton, Confirmed!

When it was announced that Marc Jacobs was leaving Louis Vuitton ( :'( ) after 16 years with the french house, the question was who will take responsibility for this prestigious house now? Most set their bets on Nicholas Ghesquiere and they weren't disappointed. Its been confirmed that Ghesquiere will become creative director for Louis Vuitton, but what can we expect from him?
Ghesquiere has already mentioned his love for the label and his respect for its heritage and deep history, which leads up to believe he'll be inspired by the brands heritage. He will show his first collection in March and I for one am excited to see what he produces, I was a huge fan of Marc Jacobs' work at Louis Vuitton so slightly apprehensive to see what will become of it!
For now though, what we do know is that Ghesquiere did extraordinary things at Balenciaga, bringing a modern and fresh feel to the house so we can expect the same at Louis Vuitton. For now however its the waiting game till March and its safe to say we wait with baited breath, don't let us down Mr Ghesquiere!

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