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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Menswear Online: Where to Shop

Trunk is a small cosy menswear boutique situated on Marleybones Chiltern Street. Trunk features a carefully curated collaction of mens modern classics from Japan, Italy, Sweden, the UK and US and all over the globe. Trunk aims to become one of the go to destinations in Europe for sharply cut blazers, crisp shirts and elegant knitwear amongst a wide range of beautiful accessories. Trunk is for the sophisticated gentleman looking to adorn himself with top of the range garments, the cheapest garment being a £50 t shirt its not for those on a budget. The online shop features a wide range from clothing to accessories from brands such as Barbour and Comme Des Garcon Homme to lesser-known brands Aspesi and Zanone.

Mr Porter
Mr Porter is a purely online retailer of luxury brands such as Givenchy, Burberry and Lanvin and the cooler brother of womenswear online retailer net-a-porter. Mr Porter was launched in 2011 and since has 22 million page views monthly and stocks over 170 brands. Any male looking for stylish on trend clothing online should visit Mr Porter as they stock everything from Savile Row tailoring to Hunter willies. Note that this site is a directory for luxury brands so the cheapest item you may find is a pair of Calvin Klein boxers or a pair of Converse, so keep that in mind if you’re after a bargain.

Drakes London has a lot of heritage behind it, founded by Michal Drake in 1977 and specializes in the little things that make a big difference to a mans outfit. With a wide range of handmade ties, pocket squares and bow ties it’s a must visit for the sophisticated gentleman looking for the perfect accessories to a tailored look. The online store also offers tailored jackets and shirts. This stuff doesn’t come cheap and the store is in the centre of Mayfair so you get an idea of whom the Drakes customer would be.

Edwin Europe
Edwin specializes in catering to the need for casual clothing; known for their denim Edwin was established in 1947 in Japan. Their style is simple and understated and the website has a lot to offer. Although being a denim brand (the name Edwin comes from denim with the M turned round) they offer a wide range of T-shirts, knitwear, outerwear and accessories to name a few. The prices are middle of the road, nowhere near as expensive as Mr Porter but nowhere near as cheap as Primark, the expected price for a quality product. If you live in denim and love simple staple pieces check them out!

Similar to Mr Porter, Matches is jam packed with on trend luxury brands. Matches opened their first store in 1990 and have since gone on to become one of the biggest names in luxury fashion retail. Again similar to Mr Porter if you’re looking for a £50 blazer you’ve come to the wrong place. However if you want a beautiful wool-silk printed Dolce and Gabana jacket and have the £2, 750 to pay for it this is the site for you. With some of the biggest names in fashion at your fingertips and everything from clothing to bags and shoes to accessories Matches is the ideal site to feed your luxury cravings.

Foot Asylum
When I personally think of Foot Asylum I wouldn’t so much call it menswear more ‘boyswear’. Most of you probably have heard of Foot Asylum as they grace British shopping centres and high streets up and down the country. Aimed at a more adolescent demographic, Foot Asylum specialized mainly in trainers and footwear as the name suggests. They do however have quite an extensive range of clothing from street brands such as Hype and Sik Silk. Trainers are mostly Nike Air Max and canvas pumps such as Converse and Vans, Air Max don’t come cheap at £95 quid a pair and probably the most expensive items on the site. I’d say if you’re ages 16-18 and Gaz from Geordie Shore is your fashion icon get yourself on to Foot Asylum otherwise this site isn’t for you.

Oi Polloi
Oi Polloi is a store in Manchester, which first opened in 2002, catering for the cooler male Oi Polloi features a range of contemporary classics with a street feel. They claim to stock garments that remain relevant regardless of the time, which means there are lots of simplistic staples for a men’s wardrobe. Stocking brands such as APC, Penfield, New Balance and Norse Projects they sell clothing, shoes and accessories.  Prices vary depending on the brand but nowhere near in the range of Oi Polloi is a must visit for any lover of street brands.

End Clothing
Just like Oi Polloi, End Clothing started as a store up North stocking street wear brands. End started in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2005. End showcases the best in contemporary menswear and stock street wear, high – end sportswear and casual and outdoor clothing. The brands stocked are similar to Oi Polloi although there seems to be a great deal more products. Stussy, Fred Perry, Carhartt and Moncler are just a few of the brands available from End, as you know a Moncler jacket can set you back a grand or two whereas Fred Perry can be much cheaper so again it depends what you buy.

Oki-ni was founded in 2001 and is a sort of fusion between Oi Polloi and Mr Porter. Offering cool, streat clothing but with a more conceptual luxury edge. They pride themselves in discovering some of the most innovative and inspiring new designers. You’ll find a wide range of brands from Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Christopher Kane and Carven to more street brands such as New Balance, North Face and Eastpak. Undeniably cool and minimal oki-ni is for the male who teams his luxury fashion pieces with a good pair of New Balance runners.


LN-CC is a step up from oki-ni offering the same luxury brands but without the street edge. LN-CC stands for Late Night Chameleon CafĂ© (beats me) and is a store in Dalston, the store is very contemporary and conceptual and just to stand out from the crowd the store operates on an appointment-only basis.  The products are all minimalistic chic pieces, some with quite hefty price tags. Brands include Balenciaga, Lanvin and Dries Van Noten. LN-CC is full of chic minimalistic pieces, a store for the true individual with a keen eye for fashion.

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