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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Is Street Wear Still A Thing?

Topshop Oxford Street (aka HELL) is home to hundreds of underground brands on its bottom floor, from Motel to Sister Jane they have it all. When I was wondering around the colossal store this Saturday I spotted a large section of Stussy sweatshirts and t-shirts merged in with the brands own lines on its first floor. My little knowledge of Stussy stems from my past relationship, he was one of them skinny white boys who listens to hip hop and says he loves skating but can't actually do it. 
So hip it hurts
Stussy is a clothing brand that started in California in the 80's and has now been adopted by street wearing, hip hop listening, tumblr lovin, Supreme types. It seems that Stussy has finally hit the mainstream, but doesn't everything after a while. I thought street wear was a thing of 2011 that disappeared with Tyler the Creator and the rest of Odd Future (minus Frank we love him) but with all the Air Jordans, Snapbacks and beanies all over the place it would seem that isn't the case. The popularity of street wear seemed to grow simultaneously with the popularity of street style, but it seems to me that a lot of people are well over street style so perhaps street wear is heading in the same direction soon. 

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