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Thursday, 16 May 2013


 photo alexandrashulmanvoguerave_zps9f01dd95.jpg
So yesterday we had a VERY exciting visitor come and speak to us at Rave. 
When I first got our time table for this term I was slightly in disbelief when I saw "Alexandra Shulman" on there, but no my eyes weren't decieving me. We had actually got Editor in Chief of the biggest fashion magazine in the UK to come and speak exclusively to us for a couple of hours.
Having loved fashion magazines from a young age and Vogue is probably the first 'proper' fashion magazine I ever bought I was hugely excited to hear from Alexandra. I want to work for a fashion magazine when I'm older I knew I would not miss this opportunity.
As soon as she walked in you feel a massive sense of authority from her although take away her designer clothes and she looks like your average business woman. The talk was rather personal and Alexandra mostly talked about her time at Vogue and how it has greatly progressed over the years due to supplements and online content etc. but she seemed somewhat down to earth and nice, explaining how she has plenty of time off to relax with her family and even admitting that when she was younger she wanted to work in the music industry and have a rock and roll boyfriend!
I loved her comment on the Vogue Festival which she said she loved as it was her idea. She also shed light on how to get an internship at Vogue which was obviously a question most students were eager to hear the answer too!
It was a really great and insightful talk in to Vogue and gave a bit more understanding off what goes in to making an issue of Vogue. It was amazing to hear from someone so powerful in the industry I hope to move in to and I'm so glad we were given this opportunity at Rave! The only photo I got (up top) is a shaky iPhone photo, apologies!
 photo alexandrashulmanvoguerave1_zpsd162453d.jpg

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