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Sunday, 19 May 2013


Todays food for thought; what makes things cool?
Something I find difficult to pinpoint and a question which I think the answer would vary from person to person. Often used as just as 'oh yeah thats cool' or 'I might be late.' 'okay cool'. But what actually is cool and makes things cool?
According to Urban Dicitionary (the giver of knowledge don't you know) cool means; something that is very good, stylish, or otherwise positive. It is among the most common slang terms used in today's world.
Obviously, if something is fresh, exciting and on trend it will usually be described as cool but it seems to me that now, in our internet blogging generation being big on 'tumblr' usually means being hipster cool.
 photo whatscool_zps76dd3df2.jpg
It seems to of gone through stages, from listening to the smiths and finding all your clothes in oxfam and claiming it 'vintage' to creepers, nebulas, crystal castles and dark clothing. Then to street wear, hip hop, air max and beanies and suddenly discovering that you've always loved skateboarding, obviously. 
It's somewhat hard to keep up with whats considered 'cool' as its constantly changing, it can be quite a headache, everything seems to just be phases that pass every 6 months. Think of  2011, Supreme and Odd Future were the IT things to be in to, I used to think I was so cool being in to stuff like that and now its just completely passed and no one particularly cares anymore. Moreover, a lot of things seem to loose there coolness as they become more popular. I feel somewhat pretentious using the word 'mainstream' but it does seem true, i.e. when a small independent band you like starts showing up in the top 10 it looses all its charm and 'coolness'. 
 photo hipster_zpsd970db4b.jpg
I come from a town near Birmingham, this is where I find things worse, everyone there thinks they're too cool for school. A lot of snubbing from girls with hipster hair and stick on bindis who think they're a million times better than you and go to the rainbow (the 'cool' spot in birmingham) every weekend. Get to know half these people and they have rubbish part time jobs in retail, mostly topshop, I don't mean to cause offence but to me this isn't cool. 
 photo whatiscool_zpsa41148d2.jpg
I used to think I knew what was cool, I spent every day on tumblr and went out to cool spots all the time, but since moving in to higher education I don't find time for this stuff anymore and so I don't really understand what other people find 'cool' anymore. 
I still think 'cool' can be used to describe say a really good film or piece of music, 'ah it was really cool' but in people I personally find someone cool if they have a successful job, beautiful clothes and house etc. but are also humble and have worked for what they have, I thinks thats cool. If someone can tell me interesting stories about what they've done and what they do I could probably talk to them for hours. But thats just me! So, what do you think makes things cool? 

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