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Monday, 6 May 2013


 photo ss1_zps52ff3ba3.png
 photo ss2_zps0459f577.png
 photo ss3_zps59fa3176.png
 photo ss4_zps11b57673.png
 photo ss5_zps5726fa59.png
 photo ss6_zps99723062.png
 photo ss7_zps21ef4a6a.png
 photo ss8_zpse325604e.png
 photo ss9_zps4773a52c.png
 photo ss99_zpsb6bbe153.jpg
Heres a few photos my friend Paige and I took at Trafalgar Sq before Easter, we had a project on denim so went around photographing stylish people in denim! I'm really liking the denim trend at the mo so heres some of the photos we took!

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