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Sunday, 19 May 2013


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'Hipster Sexism' is a phrase described as 'the objectification of women but in a manner that uses mockery and paradox'. Basically, it uses irony to subjugate women, for this reason it is deemed acceptable. It is rooted in the idea that sexism is an outdated and archaic institution in which people do not engage in anymore, thereby making the demonstration of sexism seem satirical and ironic. In short, a way of taking the piss out of sexism. Also falling under the banner of hipster sexism is the use of words such as sluts and bitches, which seem to just fall in to every day conversation so casually these days.  Maybe you've heard this phrase before, I must certainly hadn't but when I looked in to it more, I certainly recognised the examples and we probably all do. Generally images that we are presented with every day.
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Firstly, and probably most notably, is American Apparel. We all know how much trouble AA get in to because of their over risqué advertisements. But I feel that this from AA now is just a given, we expect nothing less from them now. I understand it's all meant to be a bit of fun, but is it really okay? But lets be honest, it's got them a name and it makes them memorable, which is what every brand wants right?
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Another example you're most likely to be familiar with is the work of photographer Terry Richardson. I remember the days when you couldn't scroll through tumblr without seeing at least one of Terry's infamous photos. He's shot some of the biggest people in the world from Obama to Lindsay Lohan, but he is probably most known for his overtly suggestive photos featuring females. Does art make it ok? Its been rumoured that he has in fact sexually assaulted some of his subjects in the past (this took a dark turn didn't it) which makes me think,he is just a classic sexist in ironic clothing.
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When it comes to these extremes I find it frightening, this is seen as okay by most. I just see no turning back from here, its pushed down our throats every where. In music, particularly rap, being called 'bad bitches' has become a compliment, thanks Kanye I love ya but it sure aint respectful. In cinema, a most recent example I can think of is bizarre 'hipster' movie Spring Breakers. Nothing screamed hipster sexism like this. Relatively young and trashy(each to their own) disney stars prancing about and squatting in the street in bikinis with guns, potty mouths and bad attitudes. Who respects girls like this? Are we supposed to find this funny? I'm not the most serious type and I do love a laugh but this was just too far. So, is sexism okay if we can (nervously) laugh at it? You tell me.. 

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