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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


So, unless you've been living under a rock or ignoring my blog posts you'll know that this week was massive for the nations fashion graduates, Gradute Fashion Week finally came to Earls Court!
Being a Ravensbourne student I got the oppourinty to see our show and have a look round the exhibition space. It was super exciting to see the work of students from other unis and to see how it was displayed, moreover seeing the displays from the international collages was interesting. I really liked browsing the portfolios of our fashion promotion graduates to get a taste of degree work!
When 3:30 came around it was show time. I love fashion shows, the atmosphere is always so exciting and I always love seeing new talent and love the music the designers choose.
We didn't have exceptional seats but obviously they're reserved for VIP's and possible employers, oh and Susie Bubble! I didn't know what to expect but I was blown away by the talent, my personal favourites were the metallic holographic clutch by Sophie Malmgren and the pastels from Lydia Krause. I loved the song choice we had a bit of Venga Boys (mega nostalgia!) to a bit of Kanye.
We were all amazed when we came out and as the next GFW will be our show we have big boots to fill but we're all really excited about it and ready for the challenge!
In other news it was a great week for Rave, in Promotion we won 4 awards, Sophie Christiansen won the Per AQUUM marketing award, Rebecca Chambers won the Media Design award, Anne-Lina Dingsor Uudelepp and Emma De Vires won the Karen Millen Portfolio award. Moreover, four of our fashion students had their work selected for the prestigious gala show on Wednesday, they were Chen-Yu Wang, Patricia Williams, Phiney Pet and William Baxter. This is a huge honour and we've done so well I'm so proud! Heres a few cheeky pictures I took with my friend Grace, so check it out!

 photo GFW1_zps6d648842.jpg  photo GFW2_zpsf0c477be.jpg  photo GFW3_zpsbaa55bbd.jpg 
Sophie Malmgren
 photo GFW4_zpsac83c1ae.jpg 
Lydia Krause
 photo GFW5_zps88c94626.jpg 
Rebecca Elley
 photo GFW6_zps2184e501.jpg
Luke Harris

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