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Friday, 28 June 2013

Remembering Bert Stern: Photographer Dies Age 83

 photo bert20stern20marilyn20650_zpsbdf806b5.jpgPerhaps most recognised for his iconic shoot of iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe, the noted photographer has passed away in his Manhattan home on Wednesday it has been confirmed.  
Stern was best known for his iconic photographs of Marilyn Monroe, taken for US Vogue 6 weeks before she tragically died. The photos were later published in a book entitled The Last Sitting featured Monroe posing nude or with transparent scarves and were taken over three days in June 1962 at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. The photos became some of the most recognised and praised photos of the young star. 
Bert was born in 1929 in New York and had his first brush with photography by taking photos of the US army for whom he worked as a photographer on a base in Japan. His first shot at the big time came from art director Hershal Bramson who gave him a job for a Smirnoff campaign. From there Stern continued in to photography and later in his career shot a host of classic beauties from Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Taylor. In 2002 he shot the cover photo of Sophie Dahl for the May issue of UK Vogue.  
He if often credited with redefining fashion and advertising imagery in the fifties and sixties along with esteemed photographer Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, all offering a cleaner more candid approach to their subjects.
Its fair to say that the photography world has lost a true talent, heres some of Bert's most iconic work. 

 photo tumblr_m7lydsu8g01r2t5pso1_1280_zps2fa71e13.jpg photo niedrig_30_zpsbb6efe23.jpg photo bert-stern-1964-mrs-yul-brynner_b_426x639_zpsea1c07cd.jpg photo bert20stern20lolita20650_zpsea691557.jpg photo 1992-bert-stern-sophie-dahl3_b_592x888_zps6a34a7a4.jpg photo bert-stern-naomi-campbell-1992_b_426x639_zps488eb072.jpg

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