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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The International Best Dressed List

Last month Vanity Fair posted the 74th Annual International Best Dressed List, the list was originally compiled by editor Eleanor Lambert to boost the fashion industry back in the 1940's and is still considered to be extremely influential today. With lists that tell us that Kristen Stewart is the Best Dressed woman in the world it’s nice to get someone else’s opinion! Django Unchained actress Kerry Washington heads up this list, which is filled with Royals and celebs alike. I never really think much of these lists as they’re often filled with celebrities in gowns they were seen in at events such as the Oscars. We all know designers lend dresses to celebs for them so how can we say that they can dress themselves well? I tend more to take inspiration from people I see on the street or from blogs etc.Anyway, here is my personal list (no judging please) of people whose personal style I admire.

#10 Clemence Poesy

#9 Ruby Aldridge

#8 Kate Moss

#7/6 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

#5 Rosie Huntington-Whitely

#4 Alexa Chung

#3 Emmanuelle Alt

#2 Camille Charrière

#1 Olivia Palermo

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