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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Is New York the place to be? It seems some of our homegrown talents are abandoning their homeland. Its known that Stella McCartney shows in Paris and now Victoria Beckham has chosen to show at New York as opposed to London. There seem to be several reasons she’d choose New York. Firstly her simplistic womanly silhouettes perhaps suit New York Fashion Week a lot more than London Fashion Week, which is often credited for its edginess and creativity. Moreover, New York seems to be where the money is. After all why do people go in to business? Some of it is for the love of fashion and creativity but someone would be lying if they said it wasn’t for the money. Being known internationally also works in her favour. Most British designers would have to build their success in Britain before crossing the Atlantic to the States, whereas VB who is already stinking rich and internationally famous its an easy move to make. At Vogue Festival VB said she felt ‘settled’ in New York so were not expecting her back in London anytime soon.
British label All Saints have also chosen to showcase their Summer 2014 collection in New York. This seems a little strange to me, as All Saints isn’t a particularly big brand in Britain. Perhaps they’re hoping they will attract more customers with a risky move to the big apple. I guess they will have to measure the success of this season as to whether they do the same next season.  I don’t see this affecting the British High Street at all, fans of All Saints will continue to shop there regardless it could only make things better for the brand.

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