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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Liberty London Opens its Doors to Channel 4

Liberty is one of London’s biggest department stores and this Autumn the prestigious store is exclusively opening its doors to Channel 4 for a fly on the wall documentary following the stores employees during the lead up to Christmas.
The documentary is based on the BBC2 documentary that went behind the scenes at major Mayfair hotel Claridges. The 3 part series follows managing director Ed Burstell, head of marketing and communications Kate Brindley and the retail team. Burstell told WWWD that the show will have a real focus on the business of fashion and will follow the staff as they visit fashion week and arrange buying meetings etc. The show will air in the UK then internationally at a later date. 
Why have Liberty decided to open itself to the world on television, and why now? Burstell said "I really hope that Making Liberty will bring a new customer to Liberty and show people that perhaps haven't visited the store in a while that we aren't just seeping in our heritage, or resting on our floral-printed laurels, or just 'expensive'," said Brindley. "We are a brand that thrives on innovation and we have something for everyone." I for one am very excited about the upcoming documentary; it will give a really exciting insight in to the well-known store. Are you guys excited?

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