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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beckham Causes a Stir at Belstaff Opening

A lot of fashion week seems to of been dominated by the man candy this year. First David Beckham broke a million hearts with baby Harper at Victoria’s show in New York then Harry Styles caused pandemonium when he attended Burberry Prorsum and House of Holland. 
Beckham outdid all that hands down on Sunday evening, the whole on Bond St was bought to a standstill by the opening of the new Belstaff store and everyone was expecting a ‘special guest’. David Beckham arrived to celebrate the opening leather clad riding a motorcycle, sounds like any girls dream huh. Its clever thinking on Belstaff’s behalf as David Beckham is one of the biggest stars in the world, women want to sleep with him and men want to go to the pub with him (and probably sleep with him too) in fact I’ve yet to meet a person with a bad thing to say about Mr Beckham which makes him the perfect candidate to endorse a brand. Men look up to stars such as David Beckham and tend to imitate celebrities instead of looking towards the catwalks for trend advice.  I expect well been seeing Beckham out in a lot of Belstaff soon, and its more than likely well start seeing boys sporting Beckham quiffs and black leather jackets in no time.

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