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Monday, 19 August 2013

Marks and Spencer Leading Ladies

Its been known that in recent years Marks and Spencer’s haven’t been doing particularly well in the style stakes.  What could M&S do to bring it all back? How about a £100,000 campaign shot by legendary fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz featuring some of the most influential women in Britain? 
The “Leading Ladies” campaign stars Helen Mirren, Grace Coddington, Ellie Goulding, Tracey Emin, Katie Piper, Helen Allen, Nicola Adams, Monica Ali, Darcey Bussell, Laura Mvula, Karen Elson and Jasmine Whitbread. The campaign has already received criticism based on a couple of the chosen stars. Most press have been questioning the use of controversial artist Tracey Emin, whose not generally thought of as a style icon. She describes herself as ‘single’ and ‘unloved’, has talked in horrifying detail about her promiscuity and is best known for presenting a condom-strewn bed as art. Customers took to Twitter to share their disbelief at Emin’s inclusion. ‘Is this a joke?’ wrote one. ‘I don’t know if I want to buy into an M&S brand of luxury fronted by Tracey Emin,’ wrote another. ‘I definitely don’t need extra help to be dressed like an unmade bed with scattered pigeon poop. 
Some of the chosen stars don’t seem to fit the Marks and Spencer’s brand particularly well, pop star Ellie Goulding isn’t really the type to be spotted in Per Una and even stated herself he favorite brand was Topshop. Then there are high fashion flyers such as Grace Coddington and Karen Elson who are probably rarely seen out of expensive designer clothes. 
It’s a beautifully shot campaign from Leibovitz and looks fresh out the pages of Vanity Fair and Vogue but I find the subjects slightly questionable. The campaign has been styled by new style director Belinda Earl, who seems to of made the brand more upmarket with cashmere, silk and sharp tailoring. Some consumers have commented on the campaign stating that the models don’t bother them and it’s all about the clothes. Could this new direction be what M&S needs? Only time will tell.

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