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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Do Men Buy Clothing or Fashion?

Its been said that the majority of males don't both with catwalks or mensweek and instead prefer to look towards celebrities and sporting personalities when deciding how to dress. There are them men who are interested in fashion but it is the majority of men who don't know anything about fashion and instead style them selves around their personal icons such as David Beckham. However it seems that in recent years mens fashion week has grown in popularity and there is a stronger emphasis on mens fashion. 

However for the time being it seems famous figures are still the go-to for campaigns etc. David Beckham's line for H&M saw an increase is sales of mens underwear and bodywear. Tom Daley is sponsored by Adidas for $750,000. 
Tommy Hilfiger recently announced that he would be pulling out of mensweek even though menswear counts for 60% of their sales, they have claimed that they will be seeking other avenues to promote menswear. So perhaps mensweek wasn't bringing enough sales in for them, maybe they should consider a celebrity endorsement.
Either way anything that inspires men to dress well can't be a bad thing!

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