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Monday, 26 August 2013

Is Tom Ford Losing His Fashion Crown?

Recently some people, particulaly Colin Mcdowell during his talk at Ravensbourne, have started to question Tom Fords place in the industry. Mcdowell said he feels that Ford was no longer relevant to fashion, but to me this doesn;t seem to be the case.
In recent months Tom Ford has opened his first UK store on Sloane Street, this is part of Fords plan for world domination as by the end of year he's hoping to of opened over 100 stores world wide. This to me symbolises a return for Tom Ford. Along with the new store, Tom Ford has also released a new fragrance Private Blend London.
The new London store features a specific section for Ford cosmetic and fragrance ranges. On the subject, Tom Ford is releasing a cosmetic range for men. It does seem to me that nowadays men have become a lot more obsessed with grooming, perhaps thats down to the likes of Mark Wright and all the other TOWIE lot, theres more and more guys obsessing over their appearance and hopping on sun beds. Is make up the next step? I think not. Some guys admit to borrowing their partners concealers to hide blemishes but I think thats as far is it goes, make up is still seen as very feminine I feel and for a man to go out a purchase it would probably take a lot of pride. I do think that Tom Fords line will perhaps sell with clients who can afford his products as they often care more about their appearance but I don't think it will be a knockout hit. The line features both make up and grooming products such as face masks and creams. Industry sources have estimated that the could do as well as £1.8 million in its first year so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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