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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fit > Thin

You may all remember the age of the ‘thinspo’ being constantly bombarded with images of super thing girls with huge thigh gaps and sticky out ribs, as the concerns of anorexia have grown things have changed. In fact search the hashtag ‘thinspo’ on instagram and you’ll find no posts, in fact Instagram have banned any thinspo communities, which openly encourage eating disorders. Now type in  ‘fitspo’ and you’ll be swamped with posts of strong beautiful toned women. It seems the times have changed and more women want to build strength as opposed to shedding pounds.
Moreover, British model Daisy Lowe has recently teamed up with the Sunday Times to front their ‘Fit Not Thin’ campaign.  Personal trainer and ex-Olympic speed skater, Sarah Lindsay, told the Sunday Times she thinks “the message that fit is the new thin is brilliant, I applaud Daisy Lowe not bowing to pressure to be model skinny.  It’s extremely encouraging given the size zero look that has plagued the past decade”.  She goes on to say how she thinks the Olympics has had an influence on this view and that more and more of her customers are asking for guidance to tone up rather than just lose weight.
Will this signify a change for fashion? There’s no denying that over the years steps have been taken to build awareness of eating disorders however were still bombarded with impossibly thin models and I feel that’s the way fashion will stay as it is aspirational. Although I agree that women should focus on being strong and healthy, and lets be honest skinny girls look better in clothes fit girls look better naked. 

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