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Sunday, 27 October 2013

How Important is Provenance?

If I asked you where the top your wearing was made could you tell me? Would it be Britain? The likely answer to both questions would be no.
Over recent years we've become so wrapped in up wanting more and more for less and less we've started to forget about the importance of provenance and truly owning something British. The majority of the British high street labels don't produce there garments in the UK as creating garments in the far east, China etc, is much quicker and cheaper than producing garments in the UK.
For some people however, provenance is extremely important and will go out of their way to find garments 100% produced in Britain. This is proving harder and harder nowadays though as garments with as little as the buttons stitched on in the UK are given "Made in Britain" labels. For example, Jack Wills that relies on British heritage as its selling point and describes itself as 'Fabulously British' is in fact produced in Asia, quite a long way from fabulously british if you ask me.
There are a couple of brands that doing well for themselves and are proudly flying the flag for Britain.
Launched in 2008, The Cambridge Satchel Company has thrived on its British origins. More recently menswear brand Wadsworth and Browne Ltd launched in 2012 produces its garments in the UK.
So, how important is the provenance of a garment to you?

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