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Saturday, 20 April 2013


1  Sonja Coat from Monki
2  Boyfriend Coat from Topshop (sold out now, much to my dismay)
3  Notch Neck Throw on Coat from Topshop
4  Boyfriend Blazer from Topshop Boutique
5  Textured Cardigan from Zara
6  Longline Coatigan from ASOS

Isn't it just the way, Britain has flurries of snow all round the country so I purchase a warm parka then just a few weeks down the line and the weather begins to pick up! I'm currently in one of these phases where I HATE everything hanging in my wardrobe and getting ready in the morning feels like a chore, its really going down the drain when you'd rather sit inside in your dragon onesie all day.

Anyway, if you live in Britain you will know the constant turmoil in dressing for our weather, unpredictable to say the least! It's still a little chilly so in no way acceptable to leave the house without a coat (some people obviously don't feel the cold..) but it seems far too warm to wear most of the coats I own. I love summer but hate it at the same time, I don't feel comfortable without a jacket and am an absolute coat fiend.
The task I'm facing at the moment is finding the perfect transitional jacket, I'm a little sick of my leather and am not a huge fan of an oversized Levi jacket so what am I to do?! I desperately want a thin boyfriend jacket/coat to throw over everything, finding one is proving difficult. Here my top picks (if money was no issue, a girl can dream eh) I tried on the Zara jacket a couple of days ago, safe to say I've fallen in love, not with the 70 quid price tag though booooo.

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