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Thursday, 18 April 2013


After seeing countless posts on instagram and twitter about the latest Dior exhibition at Harrods I knew I would have to give it a visit. I had gone back to Birmingham for easter when it started but luckily I ended up visiting London with my friend Grace so we both agreed we'd have to make a trip to Harrods. The exhibit looked at the brand from its couture clothing to its iconic fragrances and accessories, being such a beautiful iconic brand the exhibit illustrated Dior beautifully. Spanning over the stores fourth floor it was small but they packed so much in without over crowding it was beautiful but I did feel at the end that I could of walked around for another 2 hours. 
My personal highlights were the Dior house at the start which was in a way like a dolls house with tiny chandeliers and countless bottles of famous Dior perfumes. Also the J'adore section featuring the priceless golden gowns worn by Charlize Theron surrounded by countless bottles of J'adore. 
The exhibit finished about a week ago but if you failed to get down in time heres some pictures I took, yep iPhone photos I'm afraid so excuse the quality!

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