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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

AW13 Trend: Camo

 photo camo_zps28eef4aa.jpg There was one print that really stood for attention across an array of catwalks for fall 2013. The camo trend has been doing the rounds for some time on many street style fashionistas and bloggers and by the looks of things camo isn’t going to be disappearing any time soon. The coveted print was spotted at Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane and Rebecca Minkoff to name a few. So obviously the high street promptly followed suit. Whistles presented their latest camo laden collection exclusively at London fashion week, and camo has been spotted from Primark to Zara. 
Forget what you know about utilitarian camo, at the hands of the likes of Kors and Kane camo has been given a fashion makeover. Prints came in varying hues and shades, some were pixelated other distorted, some were large and some small. With all the endless possibilities I think its safe to say camo is a trend we’ll be coveting for some time. Here are some of my favorite picks from the high street. 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Nicole Farhi Saved From Administration by Maxine Hargreaves-Adams

 photo Closing-down-3_zpse06d770d.jpg
It seems the norm these days that whenever there is news of the Great British High Street it is inevitably bad. The economic downturn and the need to save or look for cheaper alternatives has seen a great deal of once great stores going in to administration. 
Some brands are flourishing whilst others barely struggling to survive on the high streets of Britian, most luxury brands have managed to stay afloat but with Nicole Farhi filing for administration is this a sign of things to come for luxury brands?
Nicole Farhi has been around for just under 20 years and has six stores and nine concessions in high end department store such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, so how did they loose their consumers?
When you see that George and Galen Weston owners of Primark are the highest earners in the retail industry it seems that many consumers are now perferring to save and buy from discount stores such as Primark intead of splurging on luxury items from brands such as Farhi. The influx of designer copy cats finding their ways on to the shelves of Zara and Topshop have significantly helped these high street brands but has had the opposite effect on the initial designers. If this method means the death of the label who created the designs, where will the high street find its inspirtation then?
However with the news of a huge Dior store opening on Conduit Street and two new Chanel stores opened in recent weeks, the internationally renowned luxury brands seem to be coping. 
It has just been announced that Nicole Farhi has been saved from administration by Maxine Hargreaves-Adams (the daughter of the Matalan owner), who has bought out the brand and saved around 140 jobs. 
It was a lucky escape for Nicole Farhi, it would of been sad to loose a classic and loved British brand as there doesn't seem to be many left. However is this a sign to come? Will more luxury labels soon have to leave our Great British High Street thanks to high street chains such as Primark? Hopefully luxury brands can pull through this difficult time and young designers looking to break out in to the industry will not loose hope at this recent news. Only time will tell.  photo careers_homepage_newstore_zpse030fbd2.jpg photo 83e5c0c79d8e5de4_s_zps56645b6f.jpg photo Maxine-Hargreaves-Adams_zps7245c410.jpgBusinesswoman Maxine Hargreaves-Adams has saved British label Nicole Farhi

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Make It British

 photo makeitb_zps995a28b1.jpg
As times have progressed we’ve become more aware of things such as our carbon footprint. Because of this more and more companies are beginning to manufacture their products in the UK. Launching at London Fashion Week is the ‘Make It British’ logo that will signify products made in within the UK. 

The reason cited for the upswing in British manufacturing is the rising cost of producing in China and the importance of speed to market that domestic production permits. Another reason this is necessary is to create jobs within the UK.  Mulberry recently received £2.5m to build a handbag factory in Somerset, which will create 250 jobs. 
UK manufactured goods don’t come cheap mind, however the interest in carbon footprint and controversial labor conditions means this market is rapidly growing. A change in consumption habits may be needed however, perhaps we need to begin buying less and spending more as so many garments are wasted and sent to landfill. 
A few labels are already flying the flag for British manufacturing, ‘Closet Clothing’, ‘She Likes’ and ‘The Orphans Arms’ are just 3 labels whose products are produced in Britain. The products do come at a higher price than other fast fashion garments, a t-shirt averages at £30, which I guess seems quite steep however for a quality product with a British source is actually somewhat reasonable. Big names on the British high street are also beginning to tap in to the movement, Topshop’s minimalistic premium line Boutique is predominantly made in the UK, Marks and Spencer are releasing a Best of British line for Autumn 2013 and River Island have increased British production by 50%, which may seem small but is definitely a step in the right direction! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Regent Street and Conduit Street: London's New Shopping Meccas?

 photo regentstreet_zpsf554e29d.jpg
 photo conduitstreet_zps6c025a11.png We all know Oxford Street but it looks like theres a couple of new places looking to take the lead. Regent St and Conduit St are both looking to gain significant popularity with the arrival of new and exciting retailers which have the capability of turning Regent St and Conduit St in to shopping Meccas.
Regent St most recently opened its arms to Swedish brand '& Other Stories' (of the H&M, COS group), being the only store in the UK this got people talking, like COS but with H&M price tags the store has been a great success. 
 photo ampotherstories_zps2fda138f.jpg And things don't seem to be quietening down at Regent St as 2013 will see the opening of the very first J Crew store outside of the US. The American brand has already established istelf as a big player after being spotted on the likes of Katie Holmes and first lady Michelle Obama, who claims its one of her favourite brands! Simple, chic, womanly silhouettes and with luxury twists on wardbrobe staples its not hard to see why the brand has done so well. 
 photo jcrew_zps6a9fa3b4.jpg Futhermore it has been annnounced that Hackett London, who's clientele includes Prince William, have payed Ferrari around £4m to take the lease for its Regent St store, while the Crown Estate will confirm on Friday that Watches of Switzerland will next year open the UK’s largest stand-alone watch store in the new W4 development. In a time of the dying high street, it seem Regent St is doing extremely well, their rental values have more than doubled making Regent St worth £2.6bn compared to its £700m in 2002.
 photo diorregentstreet_zpsb50af72a.jpg 

Dior, Bond Street
Situated of Oxford St and near Liberty is Conduit St, home to more luxury labels such as Vivienne Westwood and Belstaff. The street is looking to be galvanised by the opening of a massive Dior store. Dior opened their first store in Conduit St 60 years ago and have just signed a 10 year lease on the 3,300 sq foot store, which will span over 3 floors. Dior will pay £308,500 pa, which equates to £360 zone A, the highest rent achieved to date on the street. Being right near Bond St means that it benefits from fierce demand from luxury retailers. The new store will be in addittion to the current store on Bond St and Anthony Selwyn, the head of Central London retail, has stated that he believes the opening of this store will lead to several more luxury brands to take space in the location over the next year.
Ill be keeping a close watch on new stores coming to both Regent St and Conduit St and will definetely visit the new Dior store! If you're in London make sure to visit both, they're the place to shop at the moment, our new shopping meccas!

Abercrombie Under Fire Once Again

 photo Abercrombie-L_zps493c7129.jpgWe've all heard the name, Abercrombie and Fitch and in recent years Abercrombie and Fitch have begun their British invasion with the opening of a flagship store on Savile Row.
Famed for its ridiculously 'American' and 'preppy' style the brand has come under fire quite a lot in the past and recent comments made by the companies CEO have shook the boat once again. If you've ever gone in to an Abercrombie store you'll notice how all the shop assistants are either young, slim, beautiful girls or typically handsome and muscular males, it seems that there is an 'Abercrombie look'. They have come under fire for hiring generally caucasian male applicants and ignoring the minorities. Moreover a few days ago they hit headlines again in France for discrimination in appearance when hiring applicants. 
Moreover, in 2009 a law student who was born without a left forearm was accepted to work for the Savile Row store but was then asked to work in the stock room as her appearance breached the companies 'looks policy' ridiculous huh? How can a brand shamelessly have a 'looks policy' how arrogant can you get? The 'looks policy' has also jeopardised careers for several Muslims who have been told to remove their Hijab's when working. Moreover one store refused to let a teenage girl help her Autistic sister try on clothes in the fitting room. Its disgusting how the company feel they can treat their customers and employees in such a way.
 photo mike-jeffries_zps08b5689e.jpg CEO Mike Jefferies made controversial comments about their clientele saying he wants the brand to cater to the 'thin and cool' he went on further to say they hire 'good looking' people as it attracts other 'good looking' people and they want to market to 'cool, good looking people' bit of a shocking and outrageous comment to make and one which certainly alienates customers who don't think they fit in to the 'thin and cool' demographic. Its all quite ironic as Jeffries isn't much of a looker himself. Im not an Abercrombie fan but after these comments I'm sure I wouldn't want to shop there, unless I thought very highly of myself. Moreover the company announced Friday its first quarter earnings, which fell drastically short of Wall Street's expectations - according to the company, its first-quarter sales in the U.S. fell by 17 percent, which many are crediting to offensive comments made by Jeffries. 
 photo 21-abercrombie-fitch-taylor-swift_zpsd07fa69a.jpg Another recent controversy to hit the new stands was due to one of their print tees. The t shirt in question carried the quote '#more boyfriends than t.s' referencing american pop star Taylor Swift. Swift has come under fire for her many male companions and Abercrombie no doubt thought this tongue in cheek quote would be a hit, however Swifts large teenage following found the T-shirt to be highly offensive and were up in arms, eventually forcing the brand to pull the design from its stores. 
So can Abercrombie do anything right? Both Abercrombie and its sister brand Hollister have been criticised over the years and its starting to push peoples limits, especially here in Britain where the average woman size is a 16.  It seems to me that Abercrombie is the only person ruining their own reputation, one that they try very hard to uphold, if they carry on this way they could be meeting a sticky end very soon.  photo jess-baker-1_zps9a61b3b0.jpg
Blogger Jess Baker was outraged by Jeffries comments so created this mock photoshoot 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Burberry Eyes Up Andy Murray and Kim Sears

I, like many Britons, spent Sunday 7th June in my living room on the edge of my seat, avidly watching the Wimbledon final, regardless that it was a glorious day and Britain was basking in its unusual heat wave. It was a gripping match as world number one Novak Djokovick faced world number two Andy Murray, and even in the scorching 30 degree heat Murray went on to make history as the first British man to win Wimbledon for 77 years, previously won by Fred Perry. It was a brilliant end to a shocking Wimbledon and one that signed Murrays fate, its been no secret that a lot of English people dislike Murray just as much as the Scot has stated he dislikes England but since winning gold at the London Olympics and now taking the Wimbledon Championship theres no way you can't admire the dedicated sportsman. 
Andy Murray and Kim Sears both in Burberry at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner
Someone else who is rumoured to admire to Scottish tennis player is Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey. After all the hoo-ha surrounding Wimbledon theres been rumours flying around that Andy Murray and his girlfriend of seven years Kim Sears will be the face of next seasons Burberry campaign. 
Now lets be honest, Murray is the best looking guy we've seen and doesn't come close to a Burberry model but having made history for Britain it makes sense for him to front a quintessentially British label, furthermore will this help Burberry push its menswear line? Not many of us know men who watch fashion shows from their laptops or that you can have an in-depth conversation with about Burberrys last runway show. Men buy clothes not fashion. Its been shown that men take most of their style inspiration from sporting personalities or other celebrities. Having flicked through a couple GQ magazines and seeing the 'Best Dressed Men' lists its often filled with celebrities and sportsmen such as David Beckham and Tinie Tempah. Moreover, showcasing sportsmen is a great way to inspire others to take up sports. 
Christopher Bailey and Romeo Beckham
Sears on the other hand would without doubt fit Burberry beautifully, with a very English rose look about her and fabulous hair (jealous? me? of course not) she has that regal look that needs little make up or embellishment. Overall I think its a good idea and would suit the brand what with their previous celebrity endorsement of Romeo Beckham which raked in lots of publicity. Moreover I'd love to see the pairs chemistry come across as a lot of people think of Murray as a little one dimensional and dull so I'd personally love to see him and Kim as the face of Burberry. What do you think? 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Schiaparelli Makes a Shocking Return to Paris Fashion Week

 photo 08_Schiaparelli_zps3926d106.jpgThe Haute Couture shows were shaken up this season when the ever controversial legend that is Schiaparelli made its come back, and it made sure it was a spectacle to remember. 
The house has never been normal, back in the 1930's Salvador Dali described Elsa Schiaparellis studio as "the beating heart of surrealist Paris", Schiaparelli's designs were grown out of art not dressmaking.
Just as the brand was, its return was truly shocking and one that will be spoken off for a while. Renowned designer Christian Lacroix created 18 outfits that went on display in the Musee Arts Decoritifs, and this will be the first and last collection he designs for the brand. Moreover, the clothes on display were purely for display and not for sale, no matter how much money you were willing to offer the order books would not be opened. I guess this once again expresses that Schiaparelli is art not fashion. Its something that can last forever. 
Lacroix was, in my opinion, the perfect candidate to design the collection. Both designers being so similar in their eccentric colour combinations and ridiculously flamboyant silhouettes. Lacroix payed homage to the legendary designers work with golden bug brooches (Schiaparelli was fixated with birds, bigs and insects), zippered jumpsuits, deep pockets and by abonding wearability, one layered skirts weighs almost 40kg. It was also exciting to see some designs from Lacroix after his label was forced to close its doors four years ago, so its was exciting to see new things from both Schiaparelli and from Lacroix. 
Six years after Diego Della Valle, owner of the Italian Tod's group, bought the Schiaparelli house and announced their attention to relaunch – there is no official confirmation of who the Schiaparelli designer will be, although it has been widely reported that Marco Zanini of Rochas will be given the job.
This is just the start, it seems that from next year they will present their collections commercially, both couture and ready to wear. 21 Place Vedôme will become the home of a Schiaparelli boutique. 
The relaunch of this brand has been nothing but unorthodox but who expected any different, Schiaparelli was just the same and was what made the brand so iconic. I think Lacroix has done a brilliant job of setting Schiaparelli up, lets see if Della Valle can continue his success. 
 photo 05_Schiaparelli_zps9fd17559.jpg photo 01_Schiaparelli_zpsf23c4c09.jpg photo 07_Schiaparelli_zps1b265610.jpg photo 04_Schiaparelli_zps092200e1.jpg photo 06_Schiaparelli_zpsf38cf5fc.jpg
All images from

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Bloggers have become almost like celebrities in fashion, every fashion week you spot them with their cameras round their necks and this September it could be you! If you think you can out dress a blogger you could be in with a chance of getting your hands on a pair of tickets to Vodafone London Fashion Weekend and up to £1,000 to spend in Oxygen Boutique. 
Stylist magazine has hooked up with 4 of the most respected fashion bloggers from the UK, each of whom have given an inisght in to the trends they'll be rocking at Fashion Week come September. All you have to do photograph your unique take on one of the chosen trends, the photos will then be put up to a public vote with the 4 winners recieveing tickets. The bloggers will be photographed out and about in their interpreatation of the trend and there will be another public vote to decide who wears it better- the winner or the blogger- to then decide who wins the £1,000. 
Here are the bloggers and their chosen trends!
  1. Kristin Knox from The Clothes Whisperer - Heritage
  2. Laetitia Wajnapel from Mademoiselle Robot - Sixties
  3. Ella Gregory from Coco's Tea Party - Winter Florals
  4. Kelly Morris from What She Said - Forties 
Its as easy as that! Why dont you give it a go, once you've taken your photo you can either email it to or simply tweet your picture to @StylistMagazine using the hashtag #beatthefashionbloggers.
For more info or the boring t and c's just follow this link, Good Luck!


Its almost that time of year again! It barely feels that long since February but within a month or two Somerset House will be thriving with fashionistas and bloggers once more as fashion week begins. Get your first glance of what you'll be wearing next summer this September. Fashion week starts on Friday the 13th September (unlucky for some) and continues till Tuesday 17th. The schedule can be found on the LFW website now.
Its always exciting to see who the NEWGEN winners are, the ones to keep an eye out for hotly tipped by the British Fashion Council! This years winners for the catwalk areeee (drumroll)... Korean born Central Saint Martins graduate J.JS Lee, known for her chic, minimalist and modern tailoring, LCF graduate Lucas Nascimento who has previously shown at Rio Fashion Week and specialises in knitwear, Marques Almeida a design duo from Portugal who have worked with Vivienne Westwood and Preen, three man design team Sister by Sibling who also specialise in knitwear and Simone Rocha, daughter of designer John Rocha whose designs have been praised internationally and worn by the likes of Alexa Chung and Lady Gaga, she's been tipped as London's brightest young design talent, definitely one to keep your eye on she will be big!
The presentation winners are 1205 who has experience at Savile Row so expect to see immaculate tailoring, Nasir Mazhar who says Lil Kim embodies his brand and shoe designer Sophia Webster who worked at Nicholas Kirkwood, expect single soles and feminine lines.
The exhibition space has been awarded to upcoming shoe designer Liam Fahy who studied at DeMontfort where he was awarded the Drapers Footwear Designer of the Year award whilst he was studying. He won the Fashion Fringe Accessory Award in 2008 judged by king of shoes Manolo Blahnik.
If you can't get down to Somerset House or like the majority of us don't get invited to the shows be sure to watch the live streams and keep up on twitter and instagram!
The NEWGEN winners for SS14
Sister By Sibling AW12
Simone Rocha AW13
Marques Almeida
Sophia Webster

Friday, 5 July 2013

Chanel's 100th Anniversary: Once Upon A Time

 photo chanel-main-image_zpsca8dbeab.jpgChanel has, for many years, been one of the biggest luxury brands to emerge from France and will no doubt continue its success for centuries to come. That being said, celebrating the brands centenary was destined to be a big deal for creative director Karl Lagerfeld. Of course opening two new stores in London, one in Covent Garden and another on New Bond St, would never be enough for the French designer.
Its a known fact that Lagerfeld has in recent years taken to photohraphy and filmmaking and it seems Lagerfeld likes life behind the lense. Having already created one short film and directing the campaign for Bleu De Chanel, Lagerfeld is once again taking his seat in the directors chair for a short film commemmorating the 100 year anniversary of the brand. The film looks at the heritage of the infamous house and will feature actress and brand ambassador Keira Knightly as Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, the founder of the house, the film documents the rise of Chanel, commencing in 1913 with the opening of the very first Chanel store in Deauville, Northern France. 
The film also features a few guest appearances from some of Karls favourite models and muses including Stella Tennant, Lindsey Wixon, Baptiste Giabiconi and Jamie Bochert among others. No sign of Choupette much to my dismay!
 photo chanel-working_zpsbc1deb79.jpg The film is a beautiful homage to the brand even if it is a little awkward in parts (its believed that Karl wanted it to seem natural so gave the actors their line just hours before filming) it is executed beautifully and everything from the exquisite period costumes down to the use of black and white express what Chanel is all about, its classic, its elegant and its beautiful. Its well worth a watch for the cameos and costumes alone.
Chanel has, since its inception, been solely about class, elegance and true craftsmanship and the film goes hand in hand with this ethos moreover will teach youth of today about the birth of one of the biggest fashion labels on the planet. I feel that Chanel has aged exceptionally well, it is as fresh and forward thinking as it was 100 years ago and I feel that even the youth of today think of it as it should be, Lagerfeld has done an excellent job of translating the Chanel message for all to understand the brand fully, lets hope he continues to do so for many years to come. Happy Birthday Chanel!